Self-defense is the use of counteracting force or violence to protect oneself from suffering force or violence[1][2]. It can be practiced through self-defense classes which teach basic self-defense moves[3], or by using a sufficient level of counteracting force or violence in a given situation[4]. In some cases, it may involve using non-deadly force[2] or even blowing up a car with a grenade to save someone’s life[5].

MMA for Self Defense

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is suitable for self-defense because it gives one the upper hand over opponents without any training[1]. MMA classes teach concentration, discipline, and focus which are essential for self-defense[1]. MMA is also beneficial for problem-solving, improving mental health, and weight loss[2]. It consists of striking and grappling elements which can be used …

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MMA Techniques

MMA techniques include the jab[2], double leg down[1], round kick[1], low kick[1], single-leg takedown[2], overhand[2], roundhouse kick[2], triangle choke[3], heel hook[3], Thai clinch[3], double-collar tie[4] and ground striking[4]. These techniques are used in various combat sports such as Muay Thai, wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. They can be used to knock out an opponent, make them …

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