Judo Techniques

Judo techniques are divided into three major categories: nage waza (throwing techniques), katame waza (grappling techniques), and atemi waza (vital-point striking techniques)[1][3]. Throwing techniques can be further divided into two main types: tachi waza (standing techniques) and sutemi waza (sacrifice techniques)[3]. Standing techniques include hand throwing techniques (te-waza), hip throwing techniques (koshi-waza), and foot throwing techniques (ashi-waza)[1]. Sacrifice techniques involve sacrificing one’s own body to throw the opponent[1][3]. Grappling techniques consist of holding, strangling, joint twisting, and counter bending[3]. Vital-point striking maneuvers involve striking vital points on the opponent with the hand, fingers, edge of the hand, elbow, knee, foot, and heel[3]. An example of a judo technique is Ura Nage which involves slipping one’s right leg in between an opponent’s legs, dropping to the right side and throwing them over head[4]. The Gokyo no Waza is a standard syllabus of Judo throwing techniques consisting of 40 throws in 5 groups[5].


  1. List of judo techniques – Wikipedia
    This is a list of judo techniques. They are categorized into throwing techniques (nage-waza), grappling techniques (katame-waza), body-striking techniques (atemi-waza), blocks and parries (uke-waza), receiving/breakfall techniques (ukemi), and resuscitation techniques (kappo
  2. The Ultimate List of All Judo Techniques. | Judo Info
    All Judo techniques (wazas) are divided into the following groups: Throwing Techniques: Nage-Waza. Nage-waza (throwing technique) is a Japanese term for a grappling technique that involves off-balancing or lifting an opponent, and throwing them to the ground.
  3. Judo Fundamentals: Waza (Techniques) | Judo Channel | Token Corporation …
    Judo techniques are divided into three major categories: nage waza (throwing techniques), katame waza (grappling techniques, and atemi waza (vital-point striking techniques). Nage waza are many and varied, their purpose being to unbalance an opponents posture and throw the opponent to the floor.
  4. Judo Techniques – Judokaa Martial Arts
    This technique can be used to throw a person who bends forward in an effort to prevent being thrown to the rear with Utsuri Goshi or similar technique. Tori slips his/her right leg in between Uke’s legs, drops to the right side and throws Uke over head. Tori’s left arm should go around Uke and grip Uke’s belt.
  5. Judo techniques
    JUDO TECHNIQUES. Learn something about judo techniques!! The Gokyo no Waza (five sets of techniques) is the standard syllabus of Judo throwing techniques originated in 1895 at the Kodokan in Tokyo, Japan. From 1920 to 1982 the Kodokan Gokyo no Waza was made up of the 40 throws in 5 groups. In 1982 additional techniques (eight reinstated …

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