Muay Thai Techniques

Muay Thai is an incredibly effective striking martial art with a wide variety of different techniques[1]. These include punches such as the jab, cross/straight, hook and upper cut[2], kicks such as the diagonal kick, axe heel kick and straight kick[2], elbows such as the jumping downward elbow and upward elbow[2], throws and sweeps[1], blocking techniques such as defense against the jab and cross, hook, upper cut, low kicks, diagonal kick and straight kick[3], catching kicks[4] and dodging kicks[3]. Muay Thai shin conditioning is also important for fighters to master in order to protect themselves from injury[5].


  1. Muay Thai Techniques – Muay Thai
    Muay Thai is an incredibly effective striking martial art with a wide variety of different techniques. Making it one of the most complex striking martial arts. That is why we need to do a full breakdown of Muay Thai techniques. Going through all of the different Muay Thai techniques, which includes all of the strikes.
  2. 23 Muay Thai techniques -beginner and advanced [with GIFS!] – Dojo Mart
    Muay Thai Punching Techniques Jab – Mat Na ~ Muay Thai. This is a quick, snappy punch delivered with the lead hand and is used to score easy points and to keep the opponent at bay. Cross/Straight – Mat Tron ~ Muay Thai. This is a power punch delivered with the rear hand which drives forward with the help of the twisting action of the hips.
  3. Muay Thai Defense Techniques – Muay Thai Citizen
    The main way to defend against kicks in Muay Thai is blocking but the type of block changes depending on the target. Kicks to the body and the head are generally blocked by bringing both arms to the side that is being hit. In terms of block low kicks, there’s nothing better than the good ole check. Checking a low kick is as simple as lifting …
  4. 10 Key Muay Thai Defense Techniques Every Fighter Must Know
    Learning defensive techniques for Muay Thai like how to check a kick, parry punches or counter your opponent’s kicks, are essential skills to have in order to be a dominate force in the ring. If you are unable to defend yourself chances are you’ll end up with more bumps, bruises and injuries than the intelligent, technical fighters who focus …
  5. Techniques – Muay Thai
    Muay Thai Shin Conditioning. by Jason Kane. Muay Thai fighters are formidable warriors, striking rapidly with lethal force. The art of eight limbs, as it is otherwise called, uses eight points of contact: two hands, elbows, knees, and shins. Muay Thai shin conditioning is ….

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