Self Defense Techniques

There are several self-defense techniques that can be used to protect oneself in a dangerous situation[1][2][3][4][5]:

  • Punching, including jab punches and rear crosses[2].
  • Eye strikes, using the fingers to drive pressure into an attacker’s eyes[1].
  • Elbow straight punches, using the elbow to deliver a blow similar to a punch[1].
  • Kicking, using the power of the hips to strike an attacker[2].
  • Hammerfists, swinging the fist downwards or sideways towards the target[2].
  • Heel palm strikes, hitting an attacker with the heel of your palm to reduce risk of damaging your wrist or arm[1].
  • Front kicks, side kicks and round kicks, keeping attackers at bay due to longer striking range of legs compared to arms[2].
  • Rear naked chokeholds, originating from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo martial arts styles[3].
  • Striking with palms or scratching across face with fingernails instead of punching with fists[3][4].
  • Wearing jewelry that doubles as a self defense weapon such as knuckle rings or necklaces with spikes or blades attached[5].
  • Letting hair down so it can be used as a distraction against an attacker if needed[4][5].
  • Stopping on every floor in an elevator if feeling threatened in order to provide opportunity for attacker getting caught by having other people around them[5].
  • Attacking someone in their knees as it is almost impossible for them to block this move and will leave them in pain so they won’t be able to run away afterwards [5]
  • Finding a safe place if feeling followed [4]
  • Taking a self defense class which can train reactions and provide knowledge on how best to defend oneself [1][3][4][5]


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    Self-Defense Techniques to Know. Heel-palm strike. When you hit an attacker with the heel of your palm, you reduce the risk of damaging your wrist or arm. Using an open hand is also an easier …
  2. The Best Self Defense Techniques for Beginners – Fight Back
    Here are some good self-defense techniques for beginners. Punching. Punching is the first thing people do when it comes to defending themselves. There are many different ways that you can punch attackers and there are many different kinds of punches. Jab punch. The first punch, of course, would be a jab punch.
  3. 5 Best Self-Defense Moves & Techniques for Beginners | FightCamp
    The best way how to learn self-defense techniques is by studying the art of Muay Thai. 2. Front Kicks, Side Kicks, and Round Kicks. Kicks are effective strikes because you can keep your opponent at bay. The legs are longer than the arms, so you have a longer striking range. As a result, you don’t allow your opponent to get close to you.
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    Self-Defense Technique #5: Stop on every floor in an elevator if you feel threatened. gatech.ed. If you’re sharing the elevator with someone shady or you feel is up to no good, press as many buttons as possible so that the elevator stops on several floors. This will provide an opportunity for the attacker of getting caught by having other …

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