USS Liberty incident

The attack on the USS Liberty by Israel in 1967 is controversial for several reasons. One of the main points of disagreement is whether or not the American flag was visible during the attack. While Israeli reports claim that the flag was not seen by pilots or torpedo boat captains, American reports assert that the flag was flying before, during, and after the attack. There is also debate over whether or not the Israeli pilots knew they were attacking an American vessel or whether they mistook it for an Egyptian ship. Some crew members of the USS Liberty believe that the attack was deliberate, while Israeli investigations and reports state that it was a mistake. Additionally, there is controversy surrounding the visibility and distinctiveness of the USS Liberty compared to the Egyptian ship El Quseir, which Israeli pilots claimed to have mistaken it for. The motive for the attack is also disputed, with some suggesting that Israel wanted to prevent the US from monitoring Israeli military activities and events in Gaza, while others claim that the goal was to prevent the USS Liberty crew from intercepting radio traffic that might reveal Israel as the aggressor in its impending invasion of Syria.

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