Wrestling Techniques

There are several wrestling techniques[1][2][3][4]:

  • Inside tie, outside tie and collar tie[1]
  • Professional wrestling moves such as the arm lock, the body slam, the neckbreaker and the bear hug[2]
  • Arm wrestling techniques such as toproll, triceps press and finger walk[3]
  • Lever technique and sledgehammer technique[3]
  • Moves from RUDIS Wrestling Legends & Athletes such as Jordan Burroughs, Kyle Snyder and Dave Schultz[4].


  1. Wrestling Techniques: Controlling Tie-Ups – PRO TIPS by DICK’S Sporting …
    There are three types of tie-ups you can use to get into a dominant position: Inside tie: This is when you gain control of your opponent on the inside of their arm. Outside tie: This occurs when you gain control of the outside of your opponent’s arm. Collar tie: This happens when you have one hand on the back of your opponent’s neck to …
  2. List of Wrestling Moves – Sports Aspire
    Professional wrestling, also known as pro wrestling, is the most popular of them all, and is extensively aired on television. Although professional wrestling has incorporated most of the moves that are used in freestyle wrestling, certain finishing moves and attacks can only be performed in a pro wrestling match.
  3. Arm Wrestling Techniques – Sports Aspire
    Arm Wrestling Techniques and Moves. Proper arm wrestling techniques and their successful implementation can help win matches. Apart from strengthening the biceps and triceps, strategy also plays a big part in the outcome of a duel. Toproll. The toproll relies on winning leverage over the opponent by tightening the grip on his fingers.
  4. RUDIS Wrestling Technique Library | RUDIS Legends & Athletes
    Learn Technique from RUDIS Wrestling Legends & Athletes. Watch below for move break downs from some of the most iconic wrestlers. Wrestling moves, defenses, techniques, and strategies from the most elite wrestlers.

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